Dental Implants

Millions of people experience tooth loss, often due to tooth decay, periodontal disease or injury, despite advances in dental care. For several years, bridges and dentures were the only care choices available for people with missing teeth. But there are dental implants available today.

The basis of a dental implant is a titanium rod about 1cm long. This is placed inside the jawbone and is designed to serve the same purpose as tooth roots. To surgically insert and restore dental implants, Dr. Nguyen uses the newest technology.

Dental implants for people who suffer from missing teeth are a popular, cost-effective, and long-term solution. Implants are a comfortable, durable, and full-functioning option designed to last a lifetime.

Implants are placed below the gums during a series of appointments. They fuse to the jawbone and provide a base for individual replacement teeth, bridges or a denture. As they are fused to the bone, they offer greater stability. And, because they are integrated into your jaw, your replacement teeth will feel more natural.

This secure fit often also makes them more comfortable than other solutions. In order to have implants, you need to have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant.

Bone Grafts

If the bone is too thin, an implant may not be placed there safely or it can fail. Therefore before implant surgery, bone grafting surgery needs to be performed first.

Not only do bone grafts help to minimize bone loss and do so indefinitely with implants, but grafts themselves serve as implant support.

Typically, if you require a bone graft from your x-ray before surgery, it can be determined, but it is not found in certain cases until the implant site is opened.

The grafting material will bond and encourage new bone to develop around the existing bone, thereby providing a good base for a potential implant root. Over time, the graft is actually replaced by new bone growth, but without the graft in place the new bone would never have developed where you need it. For more information about Dental Implants, Contact us.

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